My love of the moon, its phases and its connection to the earth's tides was the impetus to creating "Circles". I use concentrated watercolor paints on Dura-Lar, a synthetic translucent vellum, which allows some light to come from behind. I try to hint at the immensity and beauty of the cosmos but the images can simultaneously allude to life on a smaller scale, a cell, a blooming plant or a personal transformation.


This series resulted from an accumulation of strokes of acrylic paint used like stitches, inspired by the fiber arts i.e., ikat cloth with its tie-dyed threads, embroidery and open weave cloth. “Follow the Drinking Gourd” is about the slaves escaping to the North and following the Big Dipper, or Drinking Gourd. It is also a tribute to Pete Seeger who sang the song of the same name so memorably.


These paintings were inspired by my early childhood in Hawai’i where a great part of my life was spent outdoors absorbing its natural beauty. This inspiration continues in Southern California with its unique landscape, flora and climate.


The symbolism of these paintings refer to heaven (circle), earth (square), life and fertility (peaches and seeds), connections weak and strong between family members (thread). They each tell a story inspired by the lives of my family members, both ancestral and present.